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lawnThis is why you choose A TEAM Lawn Care Services. Your business, home and its landscape are your biggest investments and we understand the importance of having your property look its best at all times. That is why we are the only company to be trusted with your investment, and we are the only company in Central Maine to offer these benefits:


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Professional looking and friendly team
  • Personalized payment programs designed for your lawn's specific needs
  • Quality workmanship on every job
  • Reliable and Dependable service
  • Responsiveness to your every need
  • Affordable and reasonable prices for your maintenance
  • Insured for your protection and our employees
  • Well maintained commercial equipment and transportation
  • It can be difficult to find lawn and landscape provider who you can trust and count on. A TEAM Lawn Care service is very serious when we say we are dedicated to pleasing you. Here are some of our services we provide..

Mowing Service

A TEAM's Lawn Care Service provides quality mowing services at affordable prices. A Team Lawn Service can mow your lawn on a weekly, bi-weekly, or on an as-needed basis. We are very flexible and are often able to accommodate last minute requests. A Team's mowing service includes the mowing, trimming, and the blowing of driveways. Have your lawn give off a great first impression by choosing A Team to cut it!

Landscape Design and Hardscape (Patio's and Walkway's) Installation

equipmentA TEAM's Lawn Care Services can lend a helping hand in renovating your landscape to give you the yard you’ve always dreamed of. We will begin with a free consultation that will help us understand your desires. From there, we will provide you with a proposal that will explain the steps of the job and the total price. In the end, you will have a landscape better than you ever could envision on your property. If you would like a new patio, walkway, or even a retaining wall. We can provide you all these servies. Fill out our online form or call today at (207) 649-4784 to schedule your free consultation

Mulch Installation

A TEAM's Lawn Care Services can install a variety of types of mulch preference to the home owners or business needs, Decorative to Dyed, and Pine Straw as well. We have the ability to install for individual homeowners as well as large commercial properties and even homeowner’s associations as well. Mulch is installed for primarily two reasons. Number one is to make your property more appealing by adding definition to the beds. The second reason is to help hold moisture above the roots of plants so that you don’t have to irrigate as much in a dry spell. The mulch holds moisture which is slowly released to the plants roots over time rather than only when it is raining.

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

A TEAM's Lawn Care Services can provide you yearly clean-ups that include removal of the debri that maine weather has to offer. We clean-up dead branches, sticks, leaves and any type of debri including trash that has accumulated on your lawn or business.

Other Services

  • Hedge and Prunning: Trimming promotes growth and gives a full and uniform look.
  • Planting of Annuals and prennials
  • Hydro Seeding of lawns and new lawn installations
  • Winter plowing and sanding


Some of our recent projects:
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